my name is Stanislav Palatnik

About Me

I'm an avid software developer in NYC. I've been programming ever since I was a kid and I haven't looked back. Programming is not only my profession, it is my hobby. It empowers me to be creative. It inspires me to keep learning about new technologies and methodologies so that I always use the best tool for the job.


BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
July 2012 - Present
Software Engineer
Work with Java, Scala, Struts, and Microsoft SQL Server to develop and maintain an Enterprise-level compliance mail archiving solution. Work with SQL Server to develop and optimize stored procedures.
Developed a multi-threaded Java application to GZIP email across all storage volumes to save space. Leveraged Scala with the spray.io framework to build a lightweight, scalable REST API as the backend for a new client portal
Google Summer of Code / Genome Informatics
May 2011 - Sept 2011
Software Developer
Used Java and the Jersey JAX-RS framework to implement a RESTful HTTP Web Service API. Leveraged the Spring framework for autowired dependency injection and configuration.
Used JUnit for unit testing and performed extensive MySQL query optimization through benchmarking/profiling
Polytechnic Institute of NYU
Sept 2009 - May 2012
Teacher Assistant
Led lectures and graded assignments.
Google Summer of Code / Geeklog
May 2010 - Sept 2010
Software Developer
Worked with PHP, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL and JavaScript to design and implement a social networking plug-in for the Geeklog Content Management System.
Google Summer of Code / Geeklog
May 2009 - Sept 2009
Software Developer
Employed PHP, MySQL, and PostgreSQL to code and implement PostgreSQL support into the Geeklog database abstraction layer. Created PL/pgSQL functions for compatibility with MySQL.


  • 2012

    NYU Tandon School of Engineering

    Graduated with a combined Bachelors + Masters degrees in Computer Science. Also minored in Business and Technology Management.